Ceramic Insulation Technology courtesy of NASA’s space developments.

Discover the Wonders of Thermoshield

Using the fruits of NASA’s space developments, Thermoshield developed an advanced radiant barrier coating. This coating uses Ceramic Insulation Technology. This space age product is having a positive impact on our endangered environment and is therefore a revolutionary approach to the coatings industry world-wide. Thermoshield’s unique Ceramic Radiation Control Coatings, for roofs and walls, is without doubt, the coating material of the future!

Tell me more about the beads:

Thermoshield’s high thermal reflective properties is due to millions of hollow ceramic beads that cluster together. This creates dead air space. When applied to any roof, the liquid acrylic emulsion dries and forms an electrometric heat shield. Because of this, it reduces inside temperatures .

How does Thermoshield make my business cooler:

When solar heat radiates on a roof, the surface temperature of the roof rises. This results in a 75% to 90% increase in heat build up. With Thermoshield, up to 75% of the heat is repelled. There is little or no heat transfer into the building which thus reduces the temperature by up to 45%. Our product boasts an ultraviolet resistance of 96%, a solar reflectance of over 80% and an emmicivity of 90%. In other words – the sun’s heat bounces off the roof.

Thermoshield reflects the heat of the sun in Summer.

How does this help me in winter:

In winter, the opposite occurs. The insulating properties of Thermoshield helps keep your business warm. Regardless of the temperatures outside.

Your house is insulated in the winter.

Does this prolong the life of my roof:?

Steel expands and contracts as the surface heats and cools during the day. This in turn leads to the degradation of your roof. Thermoshield reduces expansion and contraction by up to 50%. It reduces harmful UV rays from damaging the coating. This product is of such a high quality that the manufacturer provides a ten year guarantee.

The micro beads in action

How does Thermoshield help the environment?

The emulsion is water based, both in liquid form and cured coating. This means that they are free of toxic materials. Lab tests show there are no harmful effects from their application. 

I’m almost sold, tell me all of the above in a nutshell

Having Thermoshield applied to your roof will:

  • Reduce inside temperatures by up to 45%
  • Prolong the lifespan of your roof by 10 years
  • Reduce your air-conditioning costs by up to 40%
  • Save you money on maintenance of H-vac systems, roof sheets and flashings.
  • Save water consumption for chiller systems
  • Add value to your building