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Our Products

All our products are manufactured to international specifications and certificates of composition of each batch are issued with the guarantees.

Supa Acrylic

A high solid, acrylic formulation, with very high binder and titanium oxide content and a low filler and water content. This is a highly durable and flexible coating suitable for multiple substrates.

Megabond Thermoshield

Thermoshield is a Thermal Insulating Roof Coating, based on a high solid, acrylic formulation. Thermosield uses ceramic microspheres in the place of fillers and the formulation is modified to maintain suspension of the microspheres in the paint. Thermoshield reduces roof surface temperatures by up to 40% resulting in 6 to 12 degree reduction in interior temperatures depending on roof type and current insulation.

Libra Paint Metal-Etch Primer

A Duco based metal-etch primer formulated to provide high substrate penetration, rust protection and superior bonding to final applications.


A phosphoric acid based rust convertor, converting ferrous oxide to ferric phosphate, an inert, corrosion resistance compound, providing a paintable substrate.