Our Services

 Steel Roofs Claddings and other Steel Structures

  • Converting rust by using a phosphoric acid based rust converter. This changes the ferrous oxide to a neutral, inert phosphoric oxide.
  • Refastening and replacement of roof and flashing fasteners.
  • Attention to waterproofing and the rectification of design, installation and maintenance failures.
  • Replacement of un-serviceable sheeting and flashings.
  • Preparation and refurbishment of parapet walls.
  • High pressure washing and preparation of all roof surface types. This provides a suitable substrate for coating the roof.
  • Application of all types of bonders, under-coaters, sealers and etch coatings.
  • Application of industrial quality protective roof coatings. The roof coatings include our own formulations, for which we provide comprehensive guarantees.

Asbestos Roofs

  • We are one of very few roofing companies that are registered with┬áthe Department of Labour to work with asbestos roofs.
  • Replacement of asbestos sheeting with alternative roofing. Correct disposal of existing sheeting as per current legislation.
Asbestos Removal Asbestos Removal


  • We are the national applicators of Thermoshield. This is a an insulating pain that will can prolong the life of your roof by 10 years.
  • We also apply other insolative and conventional roof coatings as requested by the customer.
Roof Painting Roof Painting

Box Gutters

  • Maintenance, replacement and repairs of Exterior and Box Guttering
Box Gutter

Concrete Roofs

  • Installation of Torch-on and Duck and Pond for all concrete roofs.
Torch-on Torch-on

Solar Panels

        • Cleaning of rusted surfaces without further damage to the integrity of the sheeting.
        • Installation, monitoring, finance and maintenance thereof.
      Solar Installation Solar Installation