We are Thermo Applicators

Thermo Applicators is a family owned company with over 40 years of roofing experience.

These 40 years have been spent both locally and internationally ensuring that our clients get the best advice and expertise that money can buy. We give each project our undivided attention.

What we do:

We are a roof refurbishment company. This means that we refurbish and restore all roof types within the commercial and industrial sector.

Roof Refurbishment:

Our Roof Restoration services include cleaning, rust conversion, sheet replacement, waterproofing and painting with a wide range of protective coatings, as per the clients requirements or specifications. We also specialize in the refurbishment or replacement of waterproofing membranes on concrete roofing. In instances where replacement is impractical, due to equipment positioned on the roof surface, for example,  we offer customised solutions that will still extend the life of the roof.


Roof Refurbishment

Asbestos Roofs:

We are a Licenced Asbestos Handling Company with extensive experience with working with all aspects of asbestos roofs. This includes the repairs and waterproofing of existing asbestos sheets. Prepping, dry-washing and painting. The removal and disposal of asbestos sheeting. All of this is done according to current legislation and includes the preparation of the necessary safety documentation.


Working with asbestos

Box Gutters:

We also specialize in the refurbishment of box guttering. Our system includes cleaning, rust conversion, sheet metal patching and the application of protective coatings. This prolongs the service life of  the guttering, avoiding expensive replacement costs.


Box Gutter Refurbishment

Thermoshield Heat Barrier Coating:

Using the fruits of NASA’s space developments, Thermoshield developed an advanced radiant barrier coating. This coating uses Ceramic Insulation Technology. This space age product is having a positive impact on our endangered environment. It is a revolutionary approach to the coatings industry world-wide. Thermoshield’s unique Ceramic Radiation Control Coatings, for roofs and walls, is without doubt, the coating material of the future!


Roof spraying

Accreditation and Certification

Registered to work with Asbestos
Registration Number: 2016/RAC/OHH/CI-35
Registered with Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
Registration Number: MAAA0365289
Registered with Pragma
Registration Number: SHELL/RET/GLOB/HSSE/PTW/PI/PRAG/103con
National Applicators of Thermoshield